Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's missing from the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' DVD? (Photos)

Starting tonight at midnight release parties around the country, Twilight fans will finally get to take home the fifth and final installment to the series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.
Thanks to Summit Entertainment at Lionsgate, I was able to get a sneak peek at several of the DVD versions and put together this handy dandy guide to those, including a detailed synopsis of the special features.

As explained, the disc does contain a glimpse at that much-fussed on-set dance-off for Bill Condon and other cool behind-the-scenes details, but there are still a couple of noteworthy items of interest missing from the mix.
Take, for instance, the French Coven of Henri (Amadou Ly) and Yvette (Janelle Froehlich). Sure, there are small glimpses of the two among the battle scene's crowd, but any scenes involving the duo alone were not contained in the special features. Nor werethose other few deleted scenes hinted at by Condon and others.
As Amadou Ly wrote on his Facebook page today, "Hurts to say this. But not on this specific DVD."
The words seem to indicate that another version of Breaking Dawn - Part 2 may be on the way, perhaps similar to the extended edition of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 hitting shelves on Saturday as well.
When the subject came up previously, however, a studio rep was said to explain that there wasn't enough cut footage to make a future edition or deleted scenes section to the disc. Nothing official has been determined on the issue, but there are certainly some pieces of footage which have yet to be seen and are not featured on the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 discs.
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